Some marketing professionals will tell you that the days of door to door sales and ‘cold calling’ sales techniques are over. At On Target Marketing, we couldn’t agree more! In this digital era, there are few ways to market your business better than a custom website design.

As a business owner, there are several reasons why you should have a website.  To start, a custom website makes your business or product available to the masses, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! In addition, an attractive and functional website design can represent you and market your product to the entire world, which means that commerce in no longer limited by geographic boundaries! Last but not least, a dynamic custom website can save money when it comes to your marketing budget by eliminating the need for printing, postage, and the time spent on mailing campaigns.

For all the reasons why you need a website, there are just as many options available to obtain one. The ads are everywhere… tv, internet, publications, even classified ads on the web. Some promise the lowest price, the fastest results, and the most attractive appearance. Some even offer complete customization, meaning you can do the design work yourself.

Buyer Beware!

What you may not know is that a successful custom website design is more complex than it might seem. For example, studies have shown that consumers form an impression about your site, your business, your product, and you within 0.05 seconds. That is to say, they make a decision about whether or not they like your site based on the layout, the color scheme, the logo, and the overall appearance in less than a blink of an eye. Let an expert, like the designers at On Target Marketing, help guide you through the latest trends to make your site truly custom and appealing!

Also, should you decide to choose a do-it-yourself template design, please keep in mind that the major search engines, like Google, will not recognize your site as relevant or important content. Once your site is catalogued as such, the chances of ever being found on a search engine results page is slim to none, even with the help of first class optimization.

Choosing On Target Marketing for your custom website design may be the smartest and most efficient choice you could make regarding your business! We promise to listen to what you need and do our best to produce it in a timely manner.  Our top priority is your success, that is why consultations are always free of charge and every custom website we design is completely mobile responsive! Contact us today to learn how we can help your business grow and thrive!